Making Your Home Safe 


The Home Kit is the perfect package to eliminate dirty electricity in the average home. This bundle includes 20 Stetzer filters and one Stetzerizer meter. 


These filters eliminate dirty electricity wherever you use them! Dirty electricity is excess electricity produced by the wiring in our homes and at work, which can result in poor sleep, low energy, brain fog, and overall ill health. (See research tab below). We recommend getting 20 filters for your home, and two filters per computer at work. (Home kits available above).

STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter

This is the best meter on the market for measuring dirty electricity in your home. Use this meter to determine where filters need to be installed in your home. The filter video above will walk you through this process step by step! I carry this with me when I travel, along with six filters, to make my hotel rooms, friend's homes, and camping trips safe.

Smart Meter Shielding Material

Unable to opt out of smart meters? 

Keep you and your family safe from the electromagnetic fields constantly emitted from smart meters by installing this Smart Meter Shielding Material. 

Proven 100% effective. 

Tested using GigaHertz Solutions HF35C Extended Range RF Meter.

Virtual Home Inspection

Having a Virtual Inspection of your home is the most cost effective way to test your home for additional sources of EMFs (cell phone towers, tension wires, smart meters, ground current, radio freqency, and more). Top of the line equipment will be sent to your home along with easy to use instructions. Your skype consultation of your results will determine remediation recommendations.

Phone Safety-R2L

There are so many cell phone and electronic device safety products on the market! 

I personally use the R2L Erchonia protector on all of my devices. 

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